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Originally Posted by Dimitrius Shinamorri View Post
Oh snapz. Charmander was my very first Shiny, got it off LeafGreen. Its lost now. But I will get a new one in good time. Congrats dude! :]
Thank you very much. Aww so sad u lost it man. I can't even start to begin to imagine what that would feel like, especially if its one u worked hard for to get.

Oh and as for the IV's and nature... It's a male (thank god lol) with a rash nature (prefered adamant timid or modest but hey rash at least boosts its special attack and his speed isnt hindered lol. Wonder if I should make it a mix sweeper or still run the special set regardless. His IVs are rather average for what i found so far. Nothing superb nothing horrid.

HP: 12 - 21
Att: 13 - 15
Def: 14 - 23
SpA: 14 - 17
SpD: 23 - 24
Speed: 7 - 9

Could have been way worse again, just wish his speed was at least 15 or so lol but hey no complaints here.

Oh and what should my next hunt be? SR for a mudkip in Ruby, SR for giratina in Diamond, SR for Dialga/groudon in Soul Silver or just random encounter in Fire red (could be anything)?
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