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Sorry for the late reply! I'm also so nervous when I think someone has replied to my writing, so I take a long time to prepare myself.

Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
So, wow, that's a dark fic in the making alright. I liked the description at the beginning.
I'm not sure how dark this fic is going to be. The plot for this did call for something dark to happen in the beginning. At first, I had thought about using shadow Pokemon from the GameCube games. But another idea came to mind, and I needed a trainer to be killed for the plot. Poor Kyle just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right place at the right time for me.

Is it a Houndoom that's attacking Pikachu? Since you called it a beast, I think Arcanine can fit the bill too. (It's funny how your avatar helped me visualize the scene with more ease :p)
Close! It's a Growlithe. And Pikachu is because Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokemon! But there are other reasons for these two Pokemon that are giant spoilers, so I'm moving the discussion away from these two!

Connecting the scene you have written I have come up with a theory that Pelter's Pokemon killed him and have escaped. There isn't much to comment yet :o
Close! That's all I'm going to say about that.

So is Keegan a new Pokemon trainer too or a detective of some sort?
A new trainer with...spoilers!

I'm quite excited about this story. If everything goes well, I should be writing it by this time next year. Hopefully.

Thanks for the response, dracoflare! It made my muse very happy.

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