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In my opinion, this is the main niche area of Platinum that sets it apart from Diamond and Pearl.

I loved the 3D effect of the distortion world, also the concept that space or time doesn't exist. I also liked the unstable gravity that allows the player to walk on vertical or upside-down platforms. Besides that, the waterfall in the Distortion World is also something very spectacular.

I have to admit, the first time I visited this area, I was only 10. Therefore, I was scared out of my wits due to the creepy music and also the design of the general area. However, the thing that creeped me out the most was that moment when Giratina-O is about to battle you. At THAT moment, the surroundings became darker and more intense.

Not only that, with a catch rate of 3, Giratina is absolutely hard to catch. It also has some devastating moves such as Dragon Claw, Ominous Wind which has a very slim chance of raising all stats and especially the dreadful Shadow Force. Shadow Force causes huge dents in your teams if you do not resist the move's type. In my first playthrough, I had absolutely no choice but to waste my Master Ball on this thing, even though I could have saved it for the 5 Platinum roaming Pokemon.

Overall, I could not describe this place in words, it was just totally epic and yeah, creepy... I do like the vines which vanish and appear too. Currently I'm replaying my Platinum as my first playthrough was an epic fail...(Now at Eterna Forest)...

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