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Quote originally posted by morckin:
I am still wondering why I can not purchase arceus, the merchant only preview him and nothing happens.
Right now I am still searching for fossil of unown and aerodactyl.
I am also wondering how can I get more gold? any suggestion?
613/648. Only 2 pokemons left to search from the wild. All others are legendary...
Wow, more than 600 pokémon, awesome! Fill more pokédex and you can get Arceus!

the money question is like AllergicProductions said, but you can also sell the fossils that you don't use.

Quote originally posted by nakagg:
Where can I find razor claw? ._.
It's similar to Razor Fang (held items = held evolution items):
Quote originally posted by FL .:
You can get TMs for these 3 moves in Pokémon Market when you have, at least, rank 9. The held items can be found in some location as item balls on the ground, but every one of these items had other location too. Some like King's Rock and Razor Fang can be bought at very high rank at Pokémon Market.
Quote originally posted by NeoDraconis:
I finally manage to get the game to start after setting DEP to accept the game.exe as an exception, I select English hit Enter... the info thing shows up for a bit... the screen goes black... and the program freezes up. Windows 7 64 bit system, program compatibility mode tried Windows Xp(Service Packs 2 and 3) and using run as administrator...
I don't know the cause, sorry. If you (or someone) manage to fix this problem let's me know the cause.

Quote originally posted by hahahaji:
How you made a game .exe ?
What the program if you utilised ? :D
PS: I'm French and i have a very bad english x)
Quote originally posted by FL .:
Made with: RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials (by Poccil/Flameguru), version 04/03/10
This program/kit comes with the .exe.
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