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Could I reserve as a Human. also is there a minimum age limit? If not my character will be on the young side (about nine or ten) if there is she'll be about seventeen

Name: Primrose Rawlins
Sex: Female
Race: Human

Path: Living on the streets of Freeze City


Primrose is small for her age, about 43 inches tall and weighing only 50.6 pounds. She has pale skin and big bright green eyes. Her hair is a golden blonde in color and wavy though she keeps it in pigtails with two strands of hair framing her face and a few strands varying in length on her forehead. She dresses in a pink long sleeve shirt that is very light in texture good for summer wear with a pale blue sweatshirt over it that has pale pink writing on it. She wears a light orange skirt with a pair of knee high boots the same color pink as her shirt. Another thing Primrose has is a dagger attached to a sheath hidden on her left arm that used to belong to her father.

Personality: Primrose is a very independent child. Having been taking care of herself since she was six when she was left an orphan on the streets she knows what it takes to survive. She is tough, resilient and strong never one to back down from a fight and she will protect what little she can call hers until her dying breath. Though it helps that her father trained her how to fight with daggers since she was old enough to walk and understand, and over her years being on the streets she has learned stealth, and how to pickpocket and steal. That doesn't mean though she's not still a frightened child. She just tries her best to hide it but she can't do that all the time. Under her tough outer layer Primrose is just a little girl who wants someone to care for her. But after being alone for three years she's given up hope on that happening and is not likely to let someone get close to her at first.

History: Primrose was born to Edward and Delilah Rawlins in Freeze City. Her mother a florist while her father was an ex-military member. Edward wanted everything for his little girl. For her to grow up safe and strong and for her to be able to defend herself. From the moment Primrose started to walk and was able to understand what her father was telling her he trained her to use daggers. She was about 3 at this point. Her early years went on like this. Learning from her father, going to school and helping her mother with her shop. When she was six years old though her mother passed away from a mysterious illness and her father followed a few days later. By luck Primrose managed not to catch it. Though now she had no one to stay with, other than the orphanage. But she didn't want to go there. Making her choice six year old Primrose ran away after her parents funerals and lived on the streets. At first she was lucky to find a group of people that were homeless that allowed her to join them and they taught her how to pickpocket. But after a year they abandoned her leaving her with nothing but her fathers dagger.

Determined to care for herself Primrose slowly but surely learned the art of stealth, and pick-pocketed and stole in order to feed herself and to get new clothes when she outgrew hers. Now nine years old she has a sections of the town near the train station that is her main hunting ground for food and money. An area that is known throughout the street community as hers.

Passcode: Arctic