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to this crazy ho

The year is 1992. May. May 9th, if you want to be more precise. In the depths of New Jersey, a legend was born. That legend was Nicholas. Now, Nicholas was no ordinary lad. He was interesting. He liked to get friends in Florida to order his Chinese food, drink Dr. Pepper by the 2 liter, dance frivolously to Lady Gaga (actually, anything), look at you and tell you you look wonderful, and whistle from his penis. That last one may or may not be true. He also enjoyed making sex noises at strangers and sending really creepy pictures to friends. Did I say was? Oh, what is wrong with me?! He still does these things! In fact, I think he was born doing these things. They're so uniquely him.

What ever would we do without our dearest Nick? Nothing. You'd do nothing. That's a grim ending for you.

Strange story aside, let's all wish our favorite obnoxiously named super mod a wonderful 21st birthday!

Happy birthday, starlight! I have gifts for you to come, so just you wait, and you shall receive. :) I hope you'll like them, and I hope you'll enjoy your birthday, even though I know you just consider it a normal day. If I were there, I'd take you to Panera Bread and you can get yourself a lovely sandwich. Or soup. Whatever you want. It's your day. Give me a raincheck on that and I'll get you some Panera if I ever I go there or you come here, actually. Promise. :)

And no birthday is complete without a funky cake!

Like I said, more to come later on throughout the day. Hang on to your butt!


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