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Quote originally posted by Colony:
@Pink: Uhm, I don't feel that you did anything that warrants me being angry or anything. You gave valid points and in retrospect it does help James to integrate with the class if he doesn't go on this rescue mission. If it makes you feel better then I guess I forgive you, though I was never angry (otherwise I would use this emoticon >:(). Oh, I completely understand the rage video games create. Just last night I was told how scared my step-dad was due to how much yelling I was doing over Fifa. -_-
Well, imagine someone with a zombie-phobia playing Resident Evil :3 I got sick of dying so I went to Assassin's Creed, but I couldn't get through a certain mission and got pissed. Then I decided to play a less violent game (I have plenty) so I got my 3ds and started Rune Factory 3. Then I got reminded that I was by the fourth boss called "Wall of Death" and found out why he got that name because it was over-powered like freaking ****

Then I decided to stop playing games because it was totally obvious that it was not my day… and I wanted to talk to ShinyDiamond c:

Quote originally posted by ~Genevieve~:
So...when exactly is the new day going to start? Though at the moment it doesn't seem like anyone's posting much to finish off this day.
I'll let the day end slowly then ^^ i'll post here how late or how much days you have before the next IC day every day :3 okay?

Quote originally posted by TornZero:
I didn't even know it was supposed to be nighttime after reading through all the posts. >_>
I mentioned in my Ryuu posts that it was sunsetting ^^ though… that was some time ago so… yeah… ^^;;;;;;;
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