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Masato Ryu - Chapter 2 - Ambushed!

One by one, the Harbinger clones attacked. Masato, assessing the situation, brandished his weapons and went on the defensive, blocking the first, dodging the second, and flipping over the third, allowing himself out of the ring. He tried using the clone for momentum, using his hand to shove off from him, but his hand passed through as though nothing was there. Pressing their attacks, all four moved in quickly, not giving Masato a chance to breathe.

"Too many attackers," he thought to himself, "and they're more powerful than I am." He kept trying, but he let his guard down for an instant. Unfortunately, they found it that quickly too, as a claw swooped in and gashed Masato on his side. It hurt bad, but he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of hearing him yell in pain. From that attack, the others pressed even harder, knowing he was weakened. As claws connected with flesh, the pain was finally too much to bear. Masato was bleeding from his left side, back, chest, and arms. He yelled out in pain through gritted teeth as he felt a foot collide with his chest, sending him across the room.

The Harbinger laughed and shook his head, "You disappoint me, boy. I had thought fighting a Reaper would be a challenge. I've barely broken a sweat with you. Stand up, so I can finish you off, weakling!" The Harbinger and clones moved in quickly. Masato, surprisingly, grabbed his blades and ran at them, fighting them off as best he could. Only when he saw his blades pass through the neck of a clone without hurting him did he realize the solution to the fight: only by hurting the real harbinger could stop the clones, maybe even make them disappear.

Masato moved in and got really lucky. He spun in the air and landed in a crouched position, slicing the harbinger's chest with a blade. The Harbinger staggered back a couple of steps as he lost concentration and the clones disappeared. As Masato was getting back up, though, the Harbinger came forward with another powerful kick, sending Masato through the glass doors that opened up to a balcony. Masato kept going, though, right over the edge of the railing. Fortunately, he was still aware enough to grab the rail before he fell. He struggled to bring himself back up when the Harbinger slowly walked forward, smiling, almost like savoring this moment.

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