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Orignally Posted by Silver Ice View Post
I was actually plannng ta create a female character haha!

After Saturday, yes I will be able ta keep up. Taday and Saturday I have plans, but from thare on out I'll be able ta easily keep up. Tha only thng than would be that I can't post while at school, but I don't thnk that should be tao much of a problem. If it is, let me know!
That's good ta hear, I should be lookng foward ta seeng yo SU. Contact me if you is n need of assistance or have nquiries.

Orignally Posted by Sir Bastian View Post
I really can't wait ta see what character Silver Ice and tha othars is gonna tass out at us Also, when we're rapng if we have time ta play, I have some exbes comng up soon, but as soon as I git home, I should be able ta throw some posts up, easy. As long as thugz don't make NSANE-length posts Which I hope thay don't eithar way.
Hey, no worries dawg, we'll just bunny yo character if you're gone fo tao long. :D
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