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I got quite a surprise at Rite Aid today. My mom went there to buy some towels she needed, and I found 3 Pokemon tins - one with Entei, one with Suicune, and one with Typhlosion. I just wished I had found the one with Raikou (I didn't). Also means I had 9 booster packs to open as well.

I'm very surprised since I never find anything Pokemon in my local stores, and I wasn't even searching either, I didn't find them near the toys or anything, to my surprise they were in the aisle where all the candy is at.

3 tins, I need to find a place to organize them

I got two packs with Lugia in the front (why I only pictured 8 instead of 9 - artwork: the one with Leafeon is my favorite)

• also just got the email the email that my Leafeon plush just shipped today.
• Also my Plasma Freeze Theme Decks and Booster Packs will arrive next Thursday
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