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I certainly believe that we are. Some would argue as a superpower its our job to protect the world, fight for those who cant defend themselves. I would have to respectfully disagree. We should refrain from interfering with other countries and international policy unless it directly affects us. Whats happening in syria that's not our concern, we should stay out. Offer no assistance and let them sort it out. Its not our job to force our will or desires on others, that's what we did in IRAQ/Afghanistan. Them people didn't ask for our assistance, they didn't ask for our freedom, they didn't want it. They lived under a dictatorship and it worked for them. Don't get me wrong a tyrant's rule is not justified, but it wasn't our right to step in. How would we feel if China decided that because we owe them tons of money they will impose communism on us? We would fight as the Iraqis did/are still doing.

I think we should not get involved in anymore of the conflicts overseas. Thats their business let them deal with it.
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