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Originally Posted by BobbertZhubert View Post
Gen 3 Learnsets? Okay, but how about the newer pokemon from like gen 4 and 5? Is there someplace were I could find the new learnsets for them? Did OP post it anywhere?
She has edited those Gen 4-5 Pokes with the Gen 3 moves as best as she could do

Originally Posted by nrvnqsr View Post
i really loved this game, loved the originality, the absence of a silent protagonist and dray's cockiness xD by the way, where is the latest update of this game? me and my friend thinks that the one DarkRising Girl posted on the first page is not the latest x)
my friend compared the latest walkthrough with the copy we had and the walkthrough is entirely different to the game x)
The latest version is on the first page. You might be playing on an old beta.

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