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Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
He's get fed up with her before he could even think of dating her. |D
Asch was pretty cool. He was kind of a jerk during the first part, but he was quite awesome in the second part. |D Uhm, you might know this, but could you explain the ending of the anime to me? How did it end for Luke and Asch? You can VM/PM me, if you don't want to spoil everyone else? |D;

It's awesome. I S-supported her with Chrom And I'm totally not drawin her happy family. I was surprised though, when I noticed that the Avatar was only his 5th priority (meaning if all the women have equal amount of relation-points, the Avatar would only the 5th to marry him. //sad face)

Ahw. : <

Pretty much! 8D
Yeah, it was a jerk in the first part but you couldn't really blame him after what had happened to him. And it was hilarious seeing the difference of how he acted in front of the group and how he acts when Natalia's involved. It's cute imo. ♥ The ending is pretty ambiguous (unless you're Netto but I'm not sure exactly which events he saw; there is one that is really important and makes you go 'waaait'.) but I could tell you the details in VM/PM if you're still interested. :'D

Awww. :( Well screw priorities because Chrom picked you yes yes? 8D;

Maybe one daaaay.
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