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Quote originally posted by daveo100:
By any chance is Freshet a water type and if so is it a starter. Something that didn't catch my eye was that all the Pokemon are not capital letters so well done.
Freshet is the ''average'' Water type. Like a Tentacool, only worse, because it learns next to no moves, all moves would be taught via TM/HM.

Quote originally posted by First time hacker:
I like this alot. It's hard to come across a hack with fakemon that isn't just an edit with crappy fakes. But I like any hack with fakemon because I agree that it adds originality and the new game feel.
Thanks :3 I'm glad you like the idea for a 'new game' feel

Quote originally posted by Aryan143:
I like this game very much. I personally don't like fakemons but these fakemons are not crappy ones like in most of the fakemon hacks. These ones have a better quality. Keep it up on completing this.
I do hope to complete it.

Quote originally posted by Hacker Bisharp:
I like the hacks that use the original tiles of fire red, good luck on this ;)
Thanks :3

Quote originally posted by Xevatiz:
That's look great to me, keep up with great work.
Thanks again, for all the nice comments, for now I've been working on the pokemon script:

I'm trying out JPAN's engine, to make scripting ''easier'' it's going well so far.

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