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Adlania : The Land of Change [M] (OOC)

IC thread

"Yes dear students, the world changes constantly. Look around you! Look up in the sky… then down to the ground. Look at the trees and small animals scampering about. Every single soul changes the world. Some change it for the better… some for the worse. Some even make decisions they think will aid the world… but end up causing more harm than good. Remember students… weigh each consequence, both good and bad, from every action less you end up causing evil instead of good."

Adlania… ah yes. A region that has been an ally of the Protectorate for about seven hundred years. Adlania relies on the Protectorate to protect its borders and in turn they provide the Protectorate with their abundant natural resources. Mines filled to the brim with rich mineral veins, food that cannot be grown elsewhere, and the mana crystal sites that empower magical weapons.

Adlania is filled to the brim with all sorts of races native to the region and those that come from other places beyond the mountains. There are cities, fortresses, ruins from earlier dynasties, and many more places that dot the landscape. While some of these places have already been explored by brave adventurers others retain their secrets for that lucky group of adventurers to find… and lo and behold! I see four brave adventurers in front of me today! You four have been called to the city of Whilevale. There is a troublesome Goblin force that have been using guerrilla tactics to destroy buildings and kill the livestock. You may have heard about the job through rumors, seen a bill about the job on a job board in another town, or perhaps you were just passing through and thought it worth your time to lend a hand.

You four… I sense a power within you four… a power to change the world however you see fit, but first one thing must be addressed… who are you?

Who indeed are you?

A powerful question this is. Be deciding the person you want to be you can set a path for yourself. Are you a thief who travels in darkness? A bard that enjoys the company of crowds? A warrior who fights for his god? These questions are important to every person who lives in Aldania and the rest of the world, but for now focus on identifying yourself. Here is a template to help you…

Name: (What is your name?)
Race: (What race are you? Please look in the races section)
Gender: (Male or female or in the case of Umbrans, neither?)
Class: (What class are you? Please look in the classes section)
Personality: (Each and every soul perceives the world differently. Many times this perception causes wildly different personalities to develop. There are those that quite content with living a boring life and only participating in events here and there. Some work to be the best they can be. Others live to appease gods, yet others work from the shadows to cause harm and injury on others. Anything from how you interact with others, to how you act when alone can be written here.)
History: (Quite an expansive area this can be. Many are very open about their history, often recollecting memories from childhood and focusing in depth in dramatic events that shook their world. Others tend to stay more reserved and keep parts of their history to themselves, opting to let loose a few details here and there. No matter what type of person you are you are required to at least give two detailed paragraphs. Hm… if you need some help I can point out some topics to fill in this area. Perhaps discussing your parents? Your friends? Maybe talking about your education, different journeys you have undertaken, or even how you came to be the person you are today.)
Skills: (What skills do you possess? Fill in this area as so: Name of the skill you wish to have - Number of ranks in the skill. For instance: Swords - 2.)

Why no appearance you ask? Well, simply enough I find writing appearances to be rather boring. Instead as your stories begin what you shall do is discuss your appearance in your opening post. Describe your clothes, hair, eye color, etc. But that shall wait for the first posts of this story.

Now… you wondering how you fill some of this template out. What exactly is class? What races are available? Well continue further down and you shall find out these answers quite easily.


There are many races that reside in Adlania. As stated before there are those that have lived in the region for hundreds upon hundreds of years and those that come as immigrants. Each have benefits and disadvantages, but despite that each has their own role in the world.


Basic appearance

The Avians are quite a unique race in that they are the one of the few races that can achieve flight without relying on magic. An average Avian stands at an diminutive 4'8". Being at such a short height allows Avians to have less weight on their bodies allows them to achieve flight much easier and stay in the air for long periods of time, depending on how well trained they are in flying. There are some Avians who gain so much weight that they are unable to fly about and instead serve as guards and perform basic duties that must be performed on land. Most Avians will work out their upper body daily so it is not uncommon to see an Avian that has a muscular physique.

An Avian possess wings on their back that are just a bit longer than their arm span. They have clawed feet that only have three long toes. They have a beck on their face and their eyes are able to key in on objects far away. They are covered in feathers that can be various shades of different colors.


Avians have a unique view considering law and order. Whenever a crime is committed in Avian territory guards will of course arrest those that are considered suspects and will use a method that is considered greatly controversial to the other races. Instead of conducting a trial to determine guilt or innocence Avian courts will instead rely on psionic magics and will ask whether the suspects wish to open their minds to allow the authorities to view their thoughts and feelings at the time of the crime and determine whether or not they are responsible for the crime. Those that open their minds obviously have nothing to hide, correct? Those who are hesitant to open their minds or downright object to the viewing obviously have something to hide and are no doubt guilty of the crime.

The authorities turn a deaf ear to those that complain on accounts of privacy and instead consider it an excuse. If a criminal cannot be discovered among the suspects who have not opened their minds then the Avian authorities will consider it in the best interest of the public to send all of the suspects to jail. No need to accidentally release a murderer or thief back into public right?

Once an individual is considered a criminal in the Avian justice system every single right they previously had completely disappears. Avians have no jails in their cities, instead they will use psionic magic on newly convicted criminals to enslave their minds. These enslaved individuals are often employed to keep a city clean, to act as guards, or do whatever else the city needs help doing. This enslavement lasts for as long as they are sentenced for their crime. Once the sentence is completed then the criminal will have his mind freed and allowed to regain all of his rights once more, though the harsh punishment is usually enough to deter wrong doers from their territory and cities.


Basic Appearance

The Chiptorians stand at the same height as an Avian, 4' 8". Chiptorians are covered in various shades of black or gray fur and like Avians posses wings on their backs. Chiptorians are more diverse than Avians in that they are a part of different 'families'. Depending on their heritage Chiptorians have different dietary requirements. The Chiptorians have three different families, those born who eat fruit, those who eat insects, and those that dine on blood. Regardless of their sources of nutrition it is often difficult to tell the three types apart from each other mainly because they all look so similar. Their facial structures often resemble those of foxes with an elongated snout. Some will have large ears that will aid in hearing distant sounds and some will have normal sized ears. The most prominent feature that can tell apart the different Chiptorians are by examining one's teeth. Blunt teeth often indicate a fruit eater or a insect eater while those with sharp teeth will indicate a blood drinker.


For some time the Chiptorians have been at war with each other. The two clans at war are known as the Nature Givers and the Bloodthirsters. The chief reason for the war considers that of a prophesy which claims that one of the clans will inherit the ancient home that all Chiptorians hail from, The Great Tree located in the Lush Valley. Both sides have been able to interpret that the language used in the prophesy claims that the war will only end when one clan emerges victorious from the war. Of course this translates truly to killing each and every member of the opposing clan until they yield their right to The Great Tree. Neither side has yet yielded so the war continues on. The Great Tree is the only place where no fighting takes place since all Chiptorians consider it a holy place that cannot be covered in their blood. Any that do spill blood in the tree are considered heretics and are banished from The Great Tree for life. Since it is required to fly to be able to get inside of The Great Tree heretics will have their wings cut off to ensure they can never return. Those that do end up branded as heretics often commit suicide immediately after their wings are taken or choose to push through a very difficult life where they will be forever cut off from all other Chiptorians.

The clans themselves have different lifestyles. The Nature Givers are focused to ensuring that a balance is kept in the world. They believe that whenever something evil happens in the world than an equally good act happens somewhere as well. For instance, if there is a great loss of life then in another part of the world there will be a great gain of life. The Nature Bearers consider the forests their homes and will only use whatever nature gives them to survive. Because of this Nature Bearers wear little else than loincloths skinned from dead animals in the forest. For weapons they will use knives fashioned from bones or wooden staffs whittled from tree branches. Some Nature Bearers will also wear a necklace of acorns so that whenever they travel around the world they will be able to plant a new life in places devoid of life. While a majority of the Nature Givers consist of insect and fruit eaters there are those few blood feeders that leave the Bloodthirster clan to join with the Nature Givers.

The Bloodthirster clan consider themselves more civilized than the Nature Givers. Bloodthristers tend to live in cities and towns and will wear various types of clothing that other races wear. Just like the Avians the Bloodthirsters cannot be weighted too heavily with armor or such to achieve flight. These city Chiptorians form societies to satisfy their need for blood. Bloodthirsters are able to feed on each other and there are those that the societies have befriended who often offer up their own blood to satisfy their diet. Bloodthirsters excel with using bladed weapons and many are considered master swordsmen.

No matter which clan one talks to, one must make certain to never use the word 'bat' in front of any Chiptorian. Many consider it a grave insult and it has been recorded that Bloodthirsters will challenge the offender right on the spot to a sword duel.



Lizans are reptilian humanoids who have evolved to survive in heated environments, such as the Mibido desert. Lizans possess a reptilian vestige, possess ear holes, have a long tail that will whip around behind them, have sharp carnivorous teeth, and claws on their hands and feet. Lizans also possess a coat of scales that cover their entire body and can be shades of different colors. There have been lizans who have blue, pnk, brown, green, and even white scales.


Lizans originally hailed from the Mibido desert where they would form tribes to survive the desert's heat. The life in the desert was a harsh one since many poisonous animals live in the area and the lack of water usually caused many Lizans to die if they ever wandered from the tribe, thus the Lizans began to migrate out of the desert to the plains and late on, to the cities that the other races had established. Lizans gained a reputation for being excellent blacksmiths since they could withstand a forge's heat and even able to handle searing hot materials. Even though they are free from the desert the Lizans still keep some of their old traditions. One such tradition is known as the Survival of the Young. Young Lizans are sent into the desert to be exposed to be exposed to the various poisons and gain a resistance to them as well as to see how long they are able to survive while aiding each other.

The ritual is considered… barbaric to the other races but the Lizans hold to their traditions stead fast. Every so often during these trials a young Lizan will receive a vision from the gods and will be marked as a shaman of the tribe. These shamans are powerful magic users among the LIzans and often find themselves acting as healers for their people. Usually these shamans are taken by the Magic Society to be trained in the magical arts.



Humans look essentially the same as they do in our world, so go wild here!


Humans do not hail from this land. The first humans were recorded as arriving in Adlania two hundred years ago. They arrived in boats near the Bakluk Plains. When it was discovered that a new race had arrived in the region representatives from the other races all gathered to discuss this new development and decided to send representatives to this strange race. The humans were wary of these strange races… and by wary I mean used their strange weapons to attack the representatives from a distance. Taking this as an act of war the Avians attempted to send in their air forces to shoot down these strange creatures from above, but the Umbrans intervened and though a difficult three days of negotiating managed to calm the Humans down. It seemed that the Humans had been driven from their old homeland by various enemies and had drifted around the oceans until finally coming to this new land. It was a difficult process for this race to become accustomed to the other 'alien' races that inhabited Adlania… and they still haven't become accustomed to it. Humans have built their own towns and cities, mainly to have their privacy from the other races. Though there are those cities that do open up their gates for anyone a majority only allow humans inside. Humans have a bit of a technological edge on the other races, already knowing how to manufacture guns, though these weapons function and look like weapons manufactured in the 1700s.

While most humans never leave the cities there are those that will head out to view the other places of this world. These unique humans are usually the only ones who are able to get past their prejudices and are able to form tight bonds with members of other races.



Umbrans have a deep pure black color to their skin that helps them to hide in dark places. Due to their homes being established in caverns and the underground tunnel system that spans over all of Adlania they need the dark skin to be able to hide from underground threats. Umbrans have no mouth as well, instead they are able to speak to others using their minds, though unlike telepathy Umbrans can only voice speak to those who are in a close distance and are unable to 'shout' to others who are out of range. They also have no ears… or eyes. Instead they rely on their telepathic senses to 'feel' for any life nearby. While they are capable of 'seeing' things like buildings or swords or such their senses are keyed for identifying living individuals. Because of this Umbrans are unable to be blinded. With the lack of a mouth Umbrans do not intake nutrition like the other races and instead are able to hide in shadows to rest and become healthy once more. Whenever an Umbran hides in a shadow belonging to a individual the shadow tends to… weigh a bit more.

Umbrans have a humanoid physique and are about as tall as the average Human. They have clawed hands as well. Oh… and they have no genders. That is right, Umbrans are rather neutral in gender and with their male build many of them are referred to as males by the other races. Umbrans do not reproduce the same way as the other races do due to their… lack of equipment.


Umbrans have lived in the underground for quite some time. In certain tunnels they have built cities of their own with their capital lying right in the middle of their primary trade route. Umbrans tend to go into work as merchants simply due to the huge profit they are guaranteed to make. Unlike other merchants who have to travel across water, deserts, and other uninhabited areas with a risk of death Umbrans instead move back and forth between the tunnels they live in. These tunnels connect to most of the major cities up top, but the true ability that makes an Umbran a more reliable merchant is their shadow running technique. Talented Umbrans are able to merge into connecting shadows and 'run' between them to their destination. Since the Umbran is in a shadow the entire time they are constantly regenerating from any fatigue they experience in their run, thus being able to cover more distance than any other race could cover in a single day. Umbrans have a major trade house in a majority of cities, save for human ones, where they will present goods to the general public and let anyone place down a bet for the goods. Apart from that business Umbrans also own and operate many small business in towns where common goods can be bought by the traveling adventurer or the stay at home wife.

It is rumored that Umbrans also have a secret society known as the Shadow Assassins, a small group of Umbrans who are contracted to assassinate various targets across Adlania. These supposed Assassins have never been caught and Umbran officials dictate that this so called secret organization is only the result of rumors and paranoia. It is also unknown how Umbrans are exactly able to reproduce. To this day no one other than an Umbran understands how the process works and the Umbrans are far from telling the other races about it.



A Musus looks vaguely like a humanoid mouse. They have whiskers along their face, two large round shaped ears, a long pink tail that protrudes from his backside, and a long muzzle with a powerful noise. Most Mususes will spot a slender body that is covered in fur that can be colored various shades of white, grey, or black. They sport small sharp teeth.


Musi will stay in their home villages that dot the Bakluk Plains. For the early years of their life a Musus will not be allowed to leave the village, instead they will be instructed by their various teachers about the different sins that occupy the world. They are taught how to remain chaste, responsible, honest, and how to fight against the corruption of the world. Once the Musus reaches the age of 21 they are able to make a choice. Leave the village, allowed to return whenever they wish or to stay in the village. As can be expected many Musi are more than giddy to pack up some traveling items and gladly head to the nearest city. It is quite a culture shock to these individuals when they discover the 'sins' that have taken over the cities. Greed, lust, dishonesty. After a few days many of the Musi end up packing up and heading back home… though there are those that quickly embrace the outside life. Instead of the robes they would wear in their hometown, they start wearing pants and shirts. They may still keep a tight hold onto the virtues taught to them by their elders, but they see nothing wrong with also dabbling here and there in the city life.

Musi have knowledge of martial arts in order to restrain foes and to ensure their survival without having to resort to using weapons. Those Musi who murder another will never be welcomed into any Musus settlement for the rest of his life.


Note: Starting skill points are free simply because your character would already have some experience with their class.


Historians, story tellers, and professors. Bards are the very few who become entrenched in ancient tales, historical reenactments of kings long since dead, and have a wide wealth of knowledge on the happenings in the world today. Bards tend to cluster around universities and taverns, more than happy to sing of tales ages since past. If one is not certain if a rumor holds truth or fact to it, a bard will usually be able to clear up the confusion. Even though the more proficient bards are known to be musically talented, some bards refrain from carrying around instruments. Instead they impart knowledge with simple words. Some bards are trained tour guides for cities and will walk newcomers around explaining the history and significance of certain areas and buildings. Bards also know tales of the various creatures that inhabit the dark areas of the world. By gazing upon a creature or area a bard will be able to use his or her bardic lore to determine what the structure or creature is. Bards also have a mastery over the ancient languages and are able to decode the words found on ancient ruins or on magical artifacts. Bards can also go the diplomatic route as they can act as ambassadors for the different races.

Starting skill points: Bardic lore - 2, Bluff - 2, Diplomacy - 2.


Mercenaries are trained in the ways of weapons. Often times mercenaries are the by product of those who have finished up their military service, but some are actually poor and down trodden who have taught themselves how to use a weapon or two efficiently enough to kill before they themselves are killed. Mercenaries have differing skills depending on their background. Some know how to wield pole arms due to being a farmer, others know how to effectively wear heavy armor when they served as a guard to a very important ambassador, yet others will be trained in diplomacy to break up fights and prevent conflict from happening.

Starting skill points: One weapon skill of your choice - 2, Heavy or Light armor skill - 2.


A monk is a balanced individual who excels in using martial arts to not kill their enemies, but rather knock them unconscious or render them immobile. Monks look upon life as a sacred gift that should never be taken away save in the most gravest of circumstances. Many Musi are trained from birth to become monks and it is from their teachings in the cities that other races now have those that practice the monk's lifestyle. Monks by nature are pacifists, only fighting if their life or the life of another is in danger of being extinguished. Monks have trained their bodies to the point where they require less substance to live off of and swear to live a life where they will never eat the meat of another living being.

Starting skill points: Martial arts - 2, Survival - 2, Climb or Swim - 2.


Paladins are individuals who are capable of casting magic, but also wield a weapon in combat. Paladins need not be entirely good, there are those that seek to use their combat and magic skills to kill indiscriminately and cause chaos throughout the land. Although Paladins are both a mercenary and a mage combined, they in turn are less effective in both areas since they must devote time and training to both set of skills. Paladins are not required to serve a god.

Starting skill points: One magical skill of your choice - 2, one weapon skill of your choice - 2.


Rogues are those that stay in the shadows and use them to accomplish their goals. Everything from a thief to an assassin are considered rogues. These individuals seek to be in the background and have their name never be known. A good rogue will remain anonymous throughout his entire life, even his closest relatives will be unable to learn of his true nature. Rogues sometimes go solo, but many times rogues are a part of some group that will give them benefits by evading guards or by offering illegal merchandise for the rogue to use. A rogue has many contacts in their home city and if there are multiple chapters of the same group in different cities then the rogue can expect to have a much easier time hiding out in those cities.

Starting skill points: Stealth - 2, Daggers or thrown weapons - 2, Pickpocket or lockpicking - 2.


Mages are individuals who have been born with the ability to wield magic. For the most part each mage is able to wield magic in different ways due to magic operating on the creativity on the individual (See the Magic section for more information.) as well as relying on how well trained the magic user is. Most mages will wear the robes of the Magic Society to inform anyone they come across of their magical status. Those that wear the robes and do not belong to the Society are usually fined and can be jailed for some time depending in which territory the law breaker is caught. Mages aren't required to join the Society, but they are required to follow the rules the Society lays down.

Starting skill points: Two magical skills of your choice - 2 to each, magical devices - 2.


Rangers are individuals who are very attuned to nature. Though they lack magic Rangers know about the various animals that wander in the forest and are able to form bond with them. A Ranger is always accompanied with an animal companion, common ones include wolves, foxes, birds, snakes, dogs, and small cats. A Ranger is able to give commands to his animal companion such as attacking in battle and relies on them to watch their back or act as a warning system whenever the animal senses a disturbing presence approaching.

Starting skill points: Bow and arrows - 2, Perception - 2, Survival - 2. Starts with one of the following animals: Wolf, Bird, Snake, Dog. Starting animal can only perform basic actions such as biting a foe or bringing something to his ranger companion.


You can have as many skills as you wish, though there is a cost to leveling skills up and buying them. Each skill costs one skill point at the very beginning to gain the skill. If you have no points in a skill then you don't have that skill. Don't have the daggers skill? You can use daggers… you just will be more liable to hit nothing at all and will have a higher chance of accidentally stabling yourself. No points in stealth means that you won't be able to hide from enemies at all.

There is a maximum of ten ranks you can put into each individual skill. For ranks 1-3 it only costs one skill point to upgrade. For ranks 4-7 it costs two points each. For ranks 8-10 it costs three points each. For ranks nine and ten you are unable to put ranks until you get in touch with a master trainer in a city who can train you to become batter in that skill, though it costs gold to get the skill that high. Once play starts you can upgrade skills as you see fit, though to get started on a new skill you must use three skill points to buy into that skill, from there the standard upgrade rules apply.

Each player is allowed a free twenty skills right at the beginning of the game. As quests are completed you will gain skill points to use, though there are other ways to get extra points (i.e. making an extremely fabulous post, using unique methods to get the quest done, etc.).

Physical Skills

Stealth - Determines how hard it is for enemies to discover your presence in an area. By having higher stealth you can avoid enemy detection and hide much easier in the shadows.
Flying (For Avians and Chiptorians only) - Higher ranks allow you to stay in the air for longer periods of time and fly further without the need for a break. Start with a rank of one at the start for free.
Shields - Higher ranks allows you to use a shield more effectively.
Heavy Armor - Higher ranks allow you to use heavy armor more effectively and to maneuver better in it.
Light Armor - Higher ranks allow you to use heavy armor more effectively and to maneuver better in it.
Martial Arts - Higher ranks allow you to use more powerful attacks and damage opponents more. Higher ranks will also unlock unique abilities to use.
Climb - Higher ranks allow you to keep a better grip and will let you use more surfaces to climb on.
Swim - Higher ranks let you swim faster and for longer periods of time.
Shadow Meld (Umbrans only) - Able to merge into a shadow much faster and increases the rate of healing while in a shadow. Start with a rank of one at the start for free.

Magical Skills

Psionics - The magic of the mind. Mages are able to place illusions in another's mind, alter another's perception, or even take control of another's mind. Higher ranks allow more spells to be cast and for longer intervals.
Terology - The magic of the earth. Mages are able to manipulate the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind. Higher ranks allow more spells to be cast and for longer intervals.
Demonology - The magic of demons. Mages are able to summon demons from other planes of existence. Higher ranks allow more powerful demons to be summoned and kept for longer intervals.
Luxology - The magic of light. Mages are able to conjure light and use holy magic to heal others or cause damage to demons. Higher ranks allow more spells to be cast and for longer intervals. (This magic is harmful toward Umbrans.)
Tenebriology - The magic of darkness. Mages are able to create darkness and use unholy magic to damage others or cause corruption. Higher ranks allow more spells to be cast and for longer intervals. (This magic is beneficial toward Umbrans.)

Weapon Skills

Swords - Higher ranks allow one to use swords more efficiently.
Maces - Higher ranks allow one to use maces more efficiently.
Daggers - Higher ranks allow one to use daggers more efficiently
Bow and Arrows - Higher ranks allow one to use bow and arrows more efficiently.
Polearms - Higher ranks allow one to use pole arms more efficiently.
Thrown Weapons - Higher ranks allow one to use thrown weapons more efficiently.
General weapon knowledge - Allows one to use all weapons, though they are less effectively than those that have specialize knowledge when wielding them and thus dish out less damage.

Intelligence Skills

Magical Devices - Allows one to find out what a magical device does and allow them to use it. Higher ranks allows one to control a device more effectively and find out more about the device.
Bluff - Allows one to bluff to another for any situation.
Intimidation - Allows one to intimidate another for any situation.
Diplomacy - Allows one to use diplomacy for any situation.
Pickpocket - Allows one to attempt to pickpocket another for an item.
Lockpicking - Allows one to try and pick a lock with the appropriate tools.
Perception - Allows one to see small objects or find traps easier.
Medicine - Allows one to use medical substances to heal others.
Survival - Allows one to try and use the surrounding environment to find food or shelter.
Bardic Lore (For Bards only) - Allows a bard to learn about knowledge relating to weaknesses of enemies or learn about the culture and history of different regions. Very useful for when it is considered death to shake a hand at the wrong time.
Willpower - Allows one to have resistance to effects that would take control of his body or attempt to have him perform a certain action.

Magic System

Magic in Adlania works very differently from other kinds of fantasy universes. There are no spells to memorize, no books to carry around or read, and no materials to carry around. The magic system is only limited by the player's imagination. Pretty much if you want to do anything from create a small fire, to causing an earthquake, to even causing water to form tendrils, all of that is possible. The higher in rank you raise your magic skills the more spells you can do and the more outrageous they can be. At low ranks you can shoot out flames, perhaps make a small illusion here or there. If you say… try to make a fire tornado with a low skill of Terology, say it's a one, then it could form for a second before the stress of doing something that requires so much power overcomes your body and you end up having your heart explode. However higher levels of magic lets you do whatever you wish. It should be noted however that there are consequences. If say you do cause a tsunami, the Magic Society will be on you.

The Magic Society governs the laws regarding magic and how magic should be used. Go killing people and they will send The Void after you. The Void is a group of very experienced individuals who were born under the blue moon that appears in Adlania every ten years. The strange thing about these individuals is the fact that no magic can affect them. Instead they absorb any mana thrown at them and it gives them a boost to their bodies as well. Any and all magic flows into them and is consumed. Even magical artifacts will have the magic drained by them. Those who spend too much time in their presence will eventually have all of their mana drained. They bring in still alive mages to face any judgement by the Society… which is usually death, so magic users, you abuse your power too much this is the fate that awaits you.

It should be noted that if you joined the Society you would have been trained a bit under a tutor for a certain school. If you did train under a tutor you can head back to you tutor later in the rp and perhaps get a free skill point or two in your magic section. Robes range from various colors depending on the taste of the mage but all robes will have a hood and a yellow badge on the chest that contains a halo contained in a square, the symbol of the Magic Society.


Save for the human cities, the cities in Adlania all have similar buildings. There are guilds you can explore to find work. There are job boards you can browse to find local jobs that pay gold. There are also religious centers giving dedication to the various gods. As you explore towns and cities there areas will be shown and you will have your chance to explore them.


There are many gods throughout Adlania. Worship is usually the same for all, simply bowing before an altar and praying to the god in question. The gods themselves are never allowed to be crafted in a mortal form, instead each altar holds a white ball with only the name on the alter differentiating the altars.

Tasha - The goddess of nature. Mostly served by the Nature Bearers Tasha watches over the forests and those that live in them.
Delinus - The god of death. While he is not evil, Delinus simply makes sure that those that die end up dying as painlessly as possible. He decides whether those who have died go to paradise, or purgatory.
Tyra - The goddess of life. Tyra is responsible for creating the different souls that inhabit mortal forms.
Lirol - The god of of war. Lirol is responsible for imparting the knowledge of weapon making and war onto mortal minds.
Greeta - The god of magic. Greeta is the god responsible for bringing magic into the world and allowing mortals to wield it.


What clothing DO Adlanians wear? Well… it think of medieval clothing if you will. If it has a medieval look to it then it is quite alright in my book.


It's crappy cause I want it to be crappy! Anyways...

Cities with a triangle are capital cities, cities with a dot are towns, cities not shown are so small that they really don't have that many services to offer.

The arches near the major cities are entrances into the underground and are the locations of all the Umbran cities.

Avian Cities:

Chiptorian Cities:
Perrow - Location of the Magic Society's headquarters and college

Mussi Cities:

Umbran Cities (Hidden underground):
Tubscus (Capital) - Near Tarus
Rythas - Near Mercy
Eques - Near Perrow

Human Cities:

Keep your friends close… your enemies closer dear students. For even evil can hide among allies.

No matter what, you can make your character however you want! A bloodthirster Chiptorian doesn't need to wield a sword if the player does not want them to! Keep that in mind.

While dealing with the goblins is just a starting point for you adventurers the story can go however you all wish. Want to help take down a large bandit clan and improve life in a certain part of Adlania? Then go ahead and do it. Want to kill a mayor and cause chaos in a city? Then go ahead. Want to cause nations to war against each other? You can try that too! Each action has a consequence and as you all move along the story will move around you. There is a main story plot, though depending on how you react to events surrounding it and the to the main plot itself then the rp will end in a certain way. There will be endings for the characters that participated so do not worry there!

There is also the fact that in this rp, there are consequences! That means if you die in here, you die. Period. There is no reviving, no magic that can bring your soul back from the dead. Dead is dead. Piss off the guards? Yeah, you'll be put in jail.


1) SU acceptance will be based on quality, not on who is here first. So if you want a reservation and then someone comes along and makes a totally awesome SU that trumps yours, well they get the spot.
2) I require all rpers to be active, you keep us waiting and I may just have to kill your character off… though only if the excuse isn't anything spectacular.
3) I am the Master of this game, I will be the NPCs, situations, and anything else that either aids or tries to kill the characters. My word is final. If you have anything to argue about come and talk to me.
4) Only four players will be allowed into this rp.
4) No godmodding
5) No bunnying without permission.
6) You can only enter one character.
7) When your character dies, if he or she does, then you are free to make another character and have them brought in around roughly the same level as the other characters or you can choose to depart and let another enter the rp.
8) While this is a mature rp there will only be a certain level I will let the mature theme go before you can't go any further. That means while stuff like kissing or perhaps showing a darker side of your character is possible I won't have details of sexual acts or of how you gruesomely murder a child or such. You can IMPLY sex if you wish, but with gory details keep it to a minimum. Something akin to 'The sword sliced through his neck, cutting his head off' is an example of what I am looking for, not 'The sword sliced through his neck causing massive amounts of blood to splatter over everyone and coat them to the brim'.
9) Be creative!
10) Have fun!
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