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Camillia Abbott -chapter 2- Backup


Camillia sighed brushing a hand through her wavy curled red-orange hair. It was her day off today and she was bored silly. She hated it when it was her day off. Why do they have to give us breaks she thought frowning as she mixed the herbs she held into a pot of hot water. Stirring a few times she smiled as it got to the right consistency, the poison was done. Great now to just apply it to the blade she picked up her steel sword, that she had cleaned of all poisons the night before and dipped it in the liquid. This particular poison caused eventual Paralysis after a short time if the blade scratched the target, if the target was injected with more of the poison death was the result. A knock on her door interrupted her from her train of thought and she turned putting her sword in it's scabbard. What is it she asked opening the door to face a reaper who she didn't remember his name, but knew he was a newer one, not yet sent on missions yet.

"I was told to deliver this to you" the boy said handing Camillia a slip of paper.

Thank you she said turning and shutting the door before opening the slip of paper. Hmm, been called as backup for Masato in Vatican City, sounds promising she thought changing into her mortal realm outfit and putting her hair up. Going to the portal she had a sense of foreboding but ignored it. Stepping out onto the sidewalk she made her way towards the Vatican blending in easily with the mortals when she saw Masato hanging from a balcony Good thing they sent backup she thought shaking her head and picking up the pace. She made her way into the building quickly and ran quickly toward the room with the balcony. Spotting The Harbinger making his way towards Masato she sneered. Moving quickly she swung her blade at The Harbinger's back but the man swung around and blocked her sword with one of the blades on his claws. Hasn't anyone taught you to watch your back?

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