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Heya RedReshiram; great to meet you and welcome to PC!

Well, it's awesome that you're so knowledgeable about Pokemon, but I don't think that can replace the fun you'll have when playing through a Pokemon game. You should play just for fun sometime and I'd definitely recommend such! The fifth gen games especially really grabbed me and I spent a while playing through them, especially Black 2 & White 2. <3; X & Y are looking quite amazing so far as well so that's something to look forward to as well! Hope you'll be getting a copy of those games because main series Pokemon games in 3D is something you just have to experience as a fan. But at the same time I can understand where you're coming from, since I considered myself pretty decent at certain games just from having watched Let's Plays for a while. I learned so much about them so when I finally played it was so much easier haha.

It's great to hear you're looking to meet people and get involved here already! Of course we can never have enough of those kinds of people. Go ahead and make more posts around the community, yeah? We welcome big Pokemon fans like you with open arms. n~n Make sure not to disappear either, all right? You'll make us all very sad. Go ahead and share your knowledge with the community - that'll be appreciated here, especially if you can jump in and answer people's questions in the different generation sections' Quick Questions threads.

Pleasure meeting you and see you around, RedReshiram!

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