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I'm always getting pissed off in wifi battles cause people constantly using things like every allowed legend, and Rotom wash form

I also see alot of people use Breloom, Slowbro, and Ferrothorn, amongst other just because they're pretty strong. When we all know those pokemon look too damn stupid for anyone to actually like.

I have a REALLY hard time believing anybody legitimately thinks any of those 3 aforementioned pokemon are just cool & likeable with battling put aside.

I try to play a balance of pokemon that I actually like, that are strong enough

But when I see everyone and their mothers teams includes legends & Rotom Wash form.... you know... I get the feeling people are prioritizing strength & strategy SO much that they would rather use pokemon they don't even like for the sake of winning

Personally I feel that every single legend is generally un-sportsman-like, and everyone uses them with no regard for the fact that they're essentially ruining the game because it

Forces others to also use legendaries they don't want to use, you know... unless the other people want to just lose all the time in unfair battles, which also ruins the game too.

I REALLY hope Pokemon X & Y ban 100% of legends from wifi battles, and also allows for 6v6 on random battles

Or rather, that X & Y will have seperate divisions of battle, where you could sign up to play in a legend-free environment.

Considering that Rotom is overpowered & obtained 1 time in a game.... it should honestly be grouped as a legend and thrown out with the rest of them as well. I mean WTF? Water/Electric with levitate? Means you can't really do sh*t unless you happen to have a grass pokemon on hand....

Then of course you've got people running around with stuff like Suicune & Cresselia sitting there using calm mind up to the roof and generally being annoying.

All the other legends of course stupid & unfair because they will generally outspeed your usual pokemon and generally have obscenely higher attack or special attack, and higher defenses and HP. It's just BS.

I want a fair and balanced freakin playing field, but every other match is some douchebag just using legends and whatever other dumb pokemon happen to be strong, instead of pokemon they actually like.

I don't want to choose between
A.Lose half the time
B.Use pokemon I don't even like

That's just BS.
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