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Time for my next run :D
This time it will be the Progressive Era, on Fire Red!

It seems I can't save on this copy of Fire Red
(Oh well I'll beat the Challenge before it becomes and issue)
Without further ado, let's get started!

I started with a male Calm natured Squirtle and called it Bram!!
Skipped everything skip-able in Veridian Forest, and challenged Brock.
Easily won of course with my Squirtle.
Again skipping as much as possible, on to mt.moon.
Third wild pokémon was my target, a female Hasty natured Clefairy!
No nickname yet but I'll probably just name her Fairy.
Also caught a Paras for HM-Slaving. Named it Clash
(Always name Cut/Flash Slaves that)
Backtracking now to train Fairy!
(And catch some random pokémon to fill up my pokedex)
Caught a Weedle, Caterpie, Mankey, Ratatta, ...
Even defeated my Rival while I was at it. I was way too over leveled for him by now...
Went on and caught some more pokemon:
Pidgey, Spearow, Jigglypuff, Nidoran M, Zubat, Geodude, ...
That should be enough to get me the Flash HM laster on...
Went through the cave, randomly picked up a fossil and arrived at Cerulean City!
Sold 2 potions and bought 8 super potions to eliminate corruption!
Rival fight, ready, go!
This fight always turns out to be the hardest out of all rival fights as far as I remember.
Catching some more random pokemon for the dex (won't bother naming them from now on lol)
Anyway on to the bridge to beat some cheeky trainers, and save dear Bill.
Misty was easily beaten. Fairy took care of Staryu and Bram's Bite did a 2HKO job on Starmie.
Now I'll probably skip the ss.anne and the third gym until a bit later.
Caught a Growlithe and collected the Eevee in Celadon.
Sold some stuff and bought 3 Carbos for Eevee to eliminate some more corruption.
Bought a Firestone and Thunderstone.
Eventually beat Lt.Surge.

3 badges now!!
Current Team:

Growlith (RK9) lvl 27 - Gentle
Jolteon (Spiky) lvl 26 - Hasty
Clefairy (Fairy) lvl 30 - Hasty
Wartortle (Bram) lvl 35 - Calm
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