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Quote originally posted by NeoDraconis:
Works perfectly fine on my desktop which is also Windows 7 64bit O.o
This is really strange...

Quote originally posted by morckin:
I still can't find the fossil of unown and aerodactyl, is there any trick to find it?
The Unown is easy, has seven times the chance of the others fossils, pay attention of the items that you find. Old Amber is just like other fossils.

The only trick to find more treasures is:

Quote originally posted by FL .:
2) Like a Hiker said, there's a room that have more chances that you find an Underground treasure than others.
Quote originally posted by nakagg:
I confirmed this today.

Also, Quiver Dance works just like Calm Mind, doesn't raise speed one stage.

A question: Can Feebas be found in any tiles or just some random tiles on the water?
You are right! Thanks for the critical hit issue bug report!

Like Read me.txt said:
Quote originally posted by Errors identified:
New generation 4/5 move effects works differently. Some like Psycho Shift trade the Ability and others like Trump Card works like Reversal
Feebas can be found in any tiles.
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