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Quote originally posted by random-man:
Katatekid: what happened to Beautifly's eye? Was it deliberate? It looks better in your revised sprite, since the normal one make Beautifly look kinda gormless imo, I just wondered. Also, are these the only ones you have done so far or are there others that you don't want to show at this time? I like how you cleared up Linoone's eye too, the old version had it looking really blurry.
Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:
Don't worry about any problems in karatekid's sprites, since I will be making changes to them should there be anything I don't like. (which I'm aloud to do, since I'm the project creator, and karatekid will still be credited anyways)
As I said when I posted it, that was my WIP sheet, so I wasn't completely done. It was just to show that progress is being made.

Chaos: Yup, that is our deal:p, I would still like to improve by getting feedback, but you are still the artist, so I really don't mind if you make them better. Also, I won't really be posting my sprites much since you don't have time to get to them right now, so when you need them, I will send you the sheet. Just shoot me a message.

The better I am = Less work for you:p

Random-Man: I specifically asked for feedback in the form of VM and PM so as not to junk up this thread. If you want to see what I have done so far, just communicate with me in such fashion.

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