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Quote originally posted by Forever:
Not necessarily. Blastoise had a shell and it wasn't part Steel :x

Steel type didn't exist then though. They coulda made him Steel in Gen 2, but I guess they didn't want to touch the starters since Magnemite fit better and was lesser used.

Quote originally posted by Thebuizel:
they look pretty cool i guess but i really dont like how they made the water type this time and i dont really like grass that much so i guess i have to choose fire this time but maybe i can get grass to if i buy both x and y

Remember, we have a current tradition of them being Fire/Fighting. Froakie and Chespin are both looking incredibly awesome...I almost have to change my water only policy for Chespin.

Quote originally posted by Dillon_68:
Based on the description and the fact that Chespin learns Rollout, I'm starting to think Chespin's final evo might be a hard hitting, bulky, heavily armored Pokemon that's part Rock. Maybe with the following stats:

HP - Average
Atk - Above Average
Def - Above Average
Sp. Atk - Average
Sp. Def - Average
Speed - Below Average

OMGOMGOMG Rollout?! Good chance Chespin evolves into Grass/Rock then! OMG YAY! I almost want to pick it over Froakie now just cause Grass/Rock is freakin beast since it loses weakness to the other two!