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Name: Narr Effeld

Race: Musus

Gender: Male

Class: Monk

Personality: Narr is a very peculiar fellow. He is unlike many other Musi, even those who do choose to leave their city upon their 21st birthday. Because of the specific occurrences that Narr was exposed to as an lad, he had developed a dwarfed view of the nature of certain things. In many ways, he is still somewhat like a child, never truly understanding the difference between what is truly right and what is truly wrong. Prior to the event with the brothers (see history), he generally believed everything that came out of the mouths of the Musi teachers was true. After the brothers, he didn't see it that way. His ideals developed from looking at the two separate conflicting ways of doing things, and taking what he thought was right from both of them. However, he mostly relied on what he wanted to do, rather than what others told him to do.

That said, Narr is a generally happy Musi. He isn't overly optimistic or ecstatically jubilant. He simply goes through life fairly content with his lifestyle and his decisions. It was probably his monk training that has restrained this nature inside of him, though it only partially succeeded as Narr does have some tendency to get excited, especially if it involves something he really wants to do, like treasure hunting, mercenary work, or banditry. He doesn't often take to heart what others say or thinks about him, nor does he generally like to make opinions about others. As he believes he is his own man (Musi man), so to are everyone else free to do as they please. As long as their interests do not conflict, they have no problems.

Narr has a complicated moral compass. He has no problems with killing, especially in self-defense. He feels killing is simply another part of life, and in some cases, another part of the job he has to do. Thus, he often won't give a second thought if he ever needed to kill somebody without mercy, especially during a job where it might be required. This isn't because he is evil. Because of his persona he developed growing up, he merely doesn't view killing as a sin. This is the same for other acts that society generally finds appalling or morally heinous. In fact, there is very little, if anything at all, that Narr would be unwilling to do, or stand for others to do. If such acts occurred around, Narr would be generally fine with it. Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc, are all terms that aren't on Narr's 'bad' radar. In fact, the only thing that he really detests is when others try to prevent him from going after his goal, his mission. In this case, it would be one of the few examples where he can also sympathize with others in a similar position. However, besides that, Narr generally doesn't care about others or their problems. Sob stories have not much affect on him, even if he somehow were the cause. He is sometimes quite polite though, something else he had picked up from Musi culture, but that politeness may also come up in somewhat inappropriate ways. As in one example in which he caused a poor family the destruction of their house. The mother cried as her home was destroyed, wondering what she was going to do to feed her family and live, and Narr merely replied with, "You'll get over it. Have a nice day!" He would say with a bright smile, and be on his way. Again, he does this not to make fun of the family in their situation of despair, but rather instead because he doesn't truly understand the extent of their situation to begin with, nor does he really want to understand.

Narr enjoys adventure. He loves to go to new places and experience new things. He wouldn't mind trying almost anything at least once, as he has done much in the past. He particularly enjoys mercenary work, bodyguard service, banditry and piracy. However, perhaps the most enjoyable hobby he has is treasure hunting, finding lost items of value, or recover them from others (theft) for personal use, or to sell. He still searches everyday for his biggest payout, one he vowed he would one day find.

History: Like many other Musi of Adlania, Narr was confined to the village of his birth, in Detem. His parents had elected to stay in the town once they had reached their age of decision, and thus were content to grow up their entire lives living in the city. His father and mother both became teachers themselves, instructing the young of the degree of sins that the world of Adlania have. Though they never turned out to be Narr's teachers, they still displayed that discipline in their fields and in their home. There was never much talk about what Narr's decision would be once he would reach 21, but there was constant implication by his parents that they expected him to elect to remain in Detem, and perhaps continue the tradition of becoming a teacher to instruct the next generation.

Yet even from an early age, Narr was certain he didn't want this to be his fate. He wasn't sure why, but the constant instruction and teaching that was taught to him never truly kicked in. He would retain certain things that they would teach, but for some reason, his brain was somehow designed to think differently. There was a constant notion for him to secretly believe that most of what they would tell him just wasn't true. They told him to be responsible, yet he didn't feel he had any obligation to do so. They told him to be chaste...and he truly had no intention. They told him to fight against the corruption of the world, yet he didn't know if the world truly had anything that he could outright label as corrupt. They told him to be honest, yet his entire persona he put up with them was a lie. He told them what they wanted to hear, just so he could get through the days without getting into too much trouble. There were some situations and occurrences that did happen that were probably avoidable, mostly early on when he was still experimenting with his true feelings. However, as time passed, he got to grips with his own beliefs, and hid those from others. He did a fairly good job, until it was time for him leave Detem at 21, and thus he did, never intending to return.

But it could be entirely impossible for Narr to have suddenly developed such a trait as to have this outright defiance. No, it didn't just develop entirely out of nowhere. In fact, there was a rather significant event that has happened when he was around 11 years old. On night, Narr heard rustling from outside when everyone else was asleep. He traveled outside, following the noise, knowing if he was caught snooping around the village at this late hour, he would have gotten in trouble. But the noise he was hearing almost felt like it was drawing him to it. The source took him a bit outside the city, to a campfire set up nearby. There, two human children sat. It was the first time (and until 21, the last time) that he had ever seen a human. They were orphans, having run away from their orphanage, and they were brothers. There was the younger, Jisen, who was about 13. Then there was his older brother, Maxiell, who was around 16 at the time. At first, Narr was afraid of the two, but as they began to talk to him, his anxiety dropped. Narr soon found himself having quite a long conversation with the two brothers, the topics of all different areas. Narr spoke a bit about his own lifestyle in his village, but he was most interested in hearing about the outside world. As the brothers described it, the land was wondrous and full of adventure. They had only left their orphanage
a year prior, but had already been to many places. As they put it, they were adventurers, looking to find the mysteries and secrets the lands hold. They had to steal on occasions to survive, and had a few run-ins with the law, but their life was a free one. Narr was extremely interested in what they had to say. The tales they told were as if they were from a storybook. If any of it were exaggerated, Narr didn't care. It was one of the most entertaining nights he had.

The brothers mentioned something specific they were looking for along their travels as well. They handed Narr a book, entitled, "The Legend of the Dread King. In it, it detailed the story of a pirate who had terrorized Adlania, particularly in the Bertam Sea long ago, known as the Dread King. It was said that he had plundered the riches of a thousand cities, that he had garnered wealth of unimaginable proportions. It was also written in the book that when the man died, or retired, the details were unclear, he his his treasure somewhere in the land of Adlania. The brothers were off to find his treasure, even if many doubt that it even exists. As a present to Narr, the two gave him the book. Although very young, Narr promised the brothers that when he was old enough, he would leave and find the legendary treasure of the Dread King.

The night ended, and the boys were no longer at the site the following day when Narr examined. In fact, Narr never saw them again after that. However, he kept the book they gave him, reading it constantly in secret on late nights, while imagining traveling around to find such a thing. It was ultimately this book, and the encounter with the brothers, that had changed Narr and developed his view. He no longer saw how other Musi did. He didn't want to be like them. This he also promised to himself. So when the time came of his 21st birthday, Narr made the unexpected (by his parents) decision to leave Detem. He carried little with him in his possession, besides a pair of robes, some basic necessities, and the book he had gotten a decade earlier. To the day, no matter how silly it would have sounded, he intended to keep his promise, and try to find the Dread King's treasure. That would be his goal, what he would strive and live for.

Narr would begin his travels through the land, first going to human settlements, before going beyond that. He knew only about the lands what the brothers had told him, so nothing could prepare him for what he encountered, though he was still probably more prepared than other Musi, having been exposed to at least a bit. Still, as the months passed, he soon would adapt to a certain lifestyle on the road. Narr would pick up things along the way, including how to use a weapon, in his case a pair of swords he would use in fighting. He would take jobs whenever he can, mostly work as a help on farms, or a blacksmith. However, as time passed and his outlook evolved, he also took more fighting-centered jobs, like that of a guard, an escort, a mercenary, and even a bandit/pirate. Nothing was off limits for Narr to do, as long as it got him paid along the way. If others would have asked him, he would do what he wanted just for the heck of it. Partly, that was true, but in secrecy, he still continued to search for the treasure that few believe existed, a promise he made that he intended to fulfill, even if it turned out to take him his entire life to find.


Willpower- 1
Swords- 6
Martial Arts- 4 (6 Monk Skill Bonus)
Climb- 4
Swim- 2 (4 with Skill Bonus)
Perception- 2
Survival- 0 (2 with bonus)
Stealth- 1

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