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Yo Hiro - welcome to PC! Nice to meet you!

Naww it's fine if you prefer the retro games. There are a lot of people like that here as well, including people who never got into the anime. As someone who is a fan of the anime herself, even I can agree that it's really repetitive. My ideal Pokemon anime would be one where the protagonists change every new generation to be based on the games.. it'd keep things fresh and fun. Kind of like the Black 2 & White 2 animated trailer got a while ago, if you've seen it. On the note of animated trailers, it would be awesome if we got spin-off series for other games too, like the Gates to Infinity animated trailer. :) Hope you've at least seen those or I'm going to feel like I'm talking to myself or rambling on, lmao.

Hmm, I think you'll be interested in the Pokemon General board! It encompasses discussions on the Pokemon world as a whole and I've seen topics/discussions on creepypastas there sometimes too. There's also Metal & Color for everything regarding the first two generation games! On top of those two there's also Emulation too for your hacking needs.. but you've probably heard of that one already. xD Hopefully you find whatever it is you're looking for here; we're a big forum with lots 'n lots to do! I can't really recommend any creepypastas or dark ROM hacks though since I don't know any (sob) but I'm sure you'll find something. With how big a fanbase Pokemon has, I'm sure lots of different things exist all over!

Do you create dark stories/pastas/fanart/other things for Pokemon, by the way? Or are you the type that mainly likes to read/play them? I'm interested in fanart and fanfiction of Pokemon and tend to dabble in making my own from time to time, but some people are just so talented and it makes me kind of jealous, ahhh!

Anyways, enjoy your stay and great meeting you, Hiro. :D Hope you'll enjoy yourself here!

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