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Zaki Halithersis

Zaki awoke with a jolt, having had a nightmare that his entire team had been horribly injured and taken from him. A cold sweat rolled down his face as he breathed heavily within his cave
"It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a dream..." he kept repeating the phrase to himself, he wasn't going to let anything like that happen.

Zaki sat on the ground of the cave, eating a simple breakfast of fruits and berries before slipping out of the gap that served as the entrance to the hidden cave.
I know that others are nearby, I should stay close and prepare traps so I can get the jump on them if I have to.

With that Zaki released Bello and Ryuu and the trio headed into the outskirts of the surrounding forest, preparing a series of traps for the nearby trainers. After the dream he had suffered, he was taking no chances.
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