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1. How many times do you think you've had it?
Quite a few times now that I think about it. Until I was 17, I was pretty sure that I'd never have sex again, but now, I'm in the double digits. It all comes down to trust, in the end.

2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?

I lost it when I was around 14, in circumstances which I would have preferred to avoid, I guess.

3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?
I've actually had sex with women more than men

Bonus - To be honest, I don't hold any negative feelings against those that are more liberal with sex. If they feel that they want to, I say that you should respect their wishes, y'know.
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[19:45] -Dark Azelf: she is evil and cute kinda like satan except in a bunny forme

[00:57] -Kanzler: stupid guys make me homo
[23:11] +PervertedPika: Yeah, I have had bad things happen when my family was home and I was having Marky time in my room ;.;
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[11:02] ~Zeffy: fap again
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