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@ Red. Should I appoint you as my official Roleplay advertiser? xD Though it was a nice idea to advertise here to drag people over :p But now we're talking them RPs over here, so... Here's a question for the Roleplayers!

What is it that you look for in a Homestuck/SBURB Roleplay?
Is it the storyline, making sure it's not ANOTHER use pester chum-fight-underlings-talk-to-reptiles sorta RP? Or is is the freedom they sometimes grant with their Sign-Ups, like, letting you a denizen and such?

And for everyone else, this has probably been asked, but still:

Favorite flash animation and why?
I really don't need to stress this any more. Mine is [S] Enter: Caliborn. Because Lord English is so awesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeasdfghjkl and he's so badass when he... well... destrostroys everything :p Yeah, that's mine. Yours?

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