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@Red. Or a 1 person session. And would be... chaotic to absolutely no end, given what Homestuck told us will happen in those kinds of sessions :/ We needs more people

I said and then looked at all the shiny, happy people that joined! :D

@TaichiWind. I was pretty much just toying around the Internetz when I found them :3 Although there were almost thirty I had to choose from :/
But yeah, you're reserved as the ever-so-epic Knight of Ground!

@Lady Gunner. i really don't mind about your titles, so keep making awesome c-c-combo breakers! :D
Sylph of World it is, because you're gonna make your SU later, so yeah, reserved~ o3o

No rush with SUs everybody! We have yet to trap some more people :)
If we end up with 3 (or 5) Roleplayers, I may as well sign-up for this :3

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