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You do realize it's okay to bump if you have updates, right? :p

Anyway, there's been a huge jump in the quality of your works since your last gallery. Most of the stuff from your previous gallery lacked vibrancy and had very unclear focals (the rukia tag here still suffers a bit, though. The blurry red/blue colored fractals situated above her aren't necessary. Nor is the part that's visible over her face). Those problems aren't visible now for the most part. So good job on that!

All of them are really vibrant. Colors in some of them look really good - esp in Rydia and Lucy tag. Even the lelouch tag manages to look pretty good even though the effects are, in my opinion, monotonous. Contrary to what others might say, my fave out of all of your tags would be the Rydia tag. It looks gorgeous. Effects really go well with the render used and you've somehow managed to make green look good. XD; I fail badly everytime I try to work with the color green, haha.

Oh, and I see you've been trying to work on depth in the latest few banners. You've done a decent job and have improved. I'll say just practise a bit more and I'm sure you'll become really efficient at it in no time. :3

Now, you've improved for the most part but there are still these things that you can do:

If possible, get rid of the text completely. The placement in most of your tags is just awkward, imo. I think you should leave typography for later. It's one of the most difficult aspects of graphic designing, anyway. I'd rather see you work on your depth and improve the colors so that they stand out. But yeah, your choice. If you do want to add text, try to make sure the placement doesn't look awkward. Generally, places that are near the edges or the corners just suck as far as text placement goes. Also, don't be afraid to place the text over the render. They're situated behind the render in all of your works and I think you'd benefit if you experiment a bit.

Another thing I notice is the total lack of foreground effects. Why? :( Add a few bokeh textures or even some c4ds but try to add something at the very least. Otherwise the render doesn't blend properly and it looks as if you've pasted the render over a pretty background. Some tags like the Rydia and Lucy tag look fine without them but the renders in some of your works just look totally disconnected from the background due to lack of proper blending (which itself is a result of lack of foreground effects in most cases). Talking about the Touya and Yusei tags in particular here.

Anyway, hope that was helpful. :3 Good going, pal. You've improved TONS in a really short amount of time. Have high hopes for ya, mate. <3;
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