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Heeeya Jody! Pleasure to meet you indeed~

Pfff, Pokemon is amazing. It always makes me sad when I hear stories about people being made fun of for liking it. :( People in my brother's school like it a lot, but then again he's in second grade, haha. I guess some older kids might think it's silly since they've grown up a bit, but I really do think it's an amazing franchise. I've been into it since I was 9 and am 22 now, hopefully I never lose interest! You'll find tons of fans here of all ages, including younger teens to people in their 20s, 30s, and even beyond! PokeCommunity's a pretty ideal place to discuss the franchise and we have some of the coolest people to boot. :D You'll fit in great, no worries! Glad to see you have forum experience and I'm assuming you already know to read through the rules and all.

So since you've been a fan for such a long time, what Pokemon game is your favorite, if you have one? I really loved Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and the fifth generation, but they're all awesome. The newly-announced sixth gen has me pretty excited so hopefully you're in the same boat. n~n

If you're into te creative aspect then you should totally stop by Art & Design, Fan Fiction & Writing, and Emulation + Game Development. PC is big on creativity and there are lots of talented people all across the forum here. ^^ I'm an artist and writer myself so being interested in fan creations is something we have in common. Maybe we can chat about that sometime - I'd love to get to know you!

Have a great time around the forum and may you become a really active member soon down the line. Have fun!
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