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Welcome, folks!

Favorite characters: Edward, Ling, Lust, and Greed

How/when did you get into the FMA series? What are your overall thoughts on the manga/anime?
I started watching FMA on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim back in 2004 or so, whenever the dub aired. The first episode I watched was likely the first one; Rose with her pink highlights sticks out in my mind. I really liked the Elric brothers and Lust, but I didn't get past episode 25. I actually only recently completed both anime versions, and I'm glad I gave FMA a thorough watch. I didn't quite like the plot in the first series, though I do like how they portrayed the Homunculus and their origins. I'm glad I watched Brotherhood next, which has the superior animation. Really good story and character development; I liked the inclusion of the Xingese rivalry and the arc in the snowy area.

I started reading a few chapters at a time in the manga, just to compare that to Brotherhood. However, my memory is fading, so I'll have to watch this for the second time. Looks like we have some watching buddies, too! :D