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Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
That's always a good thing!

Sorry about not being inclusive with the minorities of the sexual minorities you guys :p

I don't think most people even know what asexual means to be honest. Let alone demisexual!
Though, I am wondering myself if demisexual could be a sub-sect of any sexuality. Like, do gay men who only have sex with gay men they have a romantic and ardent connection qualify as being a demisexual homosexual. Or is it more so, demisexuals, in general, do not have a sexual preference along the lines of gender or sexual identity, and only do so based a romantic and ardent connection. Essentially, pansexual in terms of potential partner id, open to become sexually attracted to any gender identity, though ultimately can only be sexual attracted once a romantic and ardent connection is established?

Or are both of these wrong? haha.
I mean, I don't complete understand it myself. The only reason I know I'm demisexual, biromantic is because, I have felt sexual attraction to both sexes before...

I'm confused with all this label stuff.
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