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Quote originally posted by PinkSapphire:
I would like occasional random events. I won't be bored like that :3 or worse… get a writer's block.

A map would be helpful to probably all of us.
Quote originally posted by dcjboi:
Gonna add on as I go wolfy. Sorry about the lateness but someone screwed me over last night.
Your Human is accepted.

Quote originally posted by ~Genevieve~:
A map would be helpful and Random events sounds great :)
Quote originally posted by Xilfer123:
Awesome. Acceptsed.

Yeah, a map would be especially helpful, especially since I'm not really too familiar with Wolf's Rain, although I did do my research. Random events would be nice, but could interfere with a player's plans. I dunno, depends.
Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
I've finished my SU and its ready to be evaluated :)
Accepted as well!

Quote originally posted by Lokiepie:
Ok here's Tia :)
Also accepted!

Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Random events sounds good. No objection here,

Also I'd like a map since the locations seemed to be all over the place in the anime.
Quote originally posted by ~Genevieve~:
Just gonna say I can't wait til this starts :)
Since it seems everyone is ready, I'll work on the IC post shortly. Once it's up you'll all be able to post immediately.

As for the map... I've had no luck finding one online anywhere. I'm afraid we don't have a map, that is, unless someone is able to find/create one for us.