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A Marriland forumer, eh? I have an account there but don't think I've many any posts. ;( I do have some friends who go there though, so I'm thinking of exploring around to see what it's like.

Anyways, welcome to PokeCommunity!

Oh, you're from Texas? I'm actually going to San Antonio next month to see my boyfriend, which is super exciting. :D And a long time Pokemon fan, too?! Niice, same here! Glad to hear you're enjoying Black so far.. any plans to try the sequels, Black 2 & White 2? I may be praising them too much lately but they're really amazing and I'd recommend them to any Pokemon fan. Huge step up plot-wise from B/W and so many of my favorite Pokemon are available early on... including Riolu. ;P As a Lucario fan, I think you'd like that! By the way, good luck with getting team help. I'm not the best at rating teams and giving suggestions but we have a handful of people who are really good at it here.

Conquest was amazing, too. The story was kinda easy to beat but I'm still not finished with all the quests you get post-game. Not sure why I stopped playing but it definitely was a fun game with some of the coolest artwork. Maybe you'd take interest to explore and post around the Spinoff Games board? Glad you've already found the Challenges board as well and I'll be looking forward to your updates, being a big challenges fan myself!

That's all from this member - have a great stay on PC. Feel free to contact a mod if you need anything and remember to read the rules!
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