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I knew most of what you posted but the information about the advance map's ini I did not know about, and proved quite useful(Thank you)
I have done some more research and testing, and some of your results are off.
07 00 00 00 A0 73 3C 08 19 19 C9 00 19 19 C9 00 1919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C9001919C900

The first byte is the encounter ratio. Then we have 3 filler bytes (?) followed by a pointer.
After the pointer, we have our 12 Pokémon with their minimum and maximum levels. Bytes are in this order: minimum level, maximum level, Pokémon number.
There are only 12 pokemon for grass encounters
5 for water
and 10 for fishing
also the pointer that you describe is actually the pointer to the wild-data, the data after the pointer belongs to a different map/bank
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