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Quote originally posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april:
Favorite Character: Finn
What time is it? : Adventure Time!

I love Adventure Time because of it's unique kind of story lines and plot lines plus the characters' arts. The fun and enjoying episodes keeps me wanting for more!XD
Welcome to the club Ashist!

Anyway, Shh! Aired tonight. Any thoughts guys?

It was definitely an interesting one for sure and sort of confusing. I like how the reason behind Finn and Jake not talking was cause they were having a bet to see who could go with talking longest. It reminded me of Card Wars cause of how they made a bet on who won and the loser was considered a dweeb lol. What was confusing was why did BMO invited a bunch of bikini girls over to party? What kind of perverted mind does that genderless robot have ? lol. It's funny how he was freaking out over them not talking and thought Finn and Jake's bodies were taking over. Poor BMO though being trolled by them. Overall a cute episode. And it's sweet that it was dedicated to Armen Mirzaian, a former animator of the show. He storyboarded a few season 1 episodes. "What is Life?," "Business Time," and he helped write "The Jiggler." All great episodes imo and he will be missed and 'm glad this episode was dedicated to him cause it has the sillyness and randomness of the ones he storyboarded.
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