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Originally Posted by Varion View Post
I wish you the best of luck with this.
Alot of Team Rocket hacks seem to die, despite being brilliant.
The maps are good, and the new overworlds too.

Will you be updating all the overworlds to that style?
Thanks! I'm really hoping it doesn't die! Now that exams are done, more work is being done on it.
I'm currently scripting the new events, theres a fair bit of content so it'll probably still be awhile.

Yes I do plan on updating the other OWs! It's a relatively low priority atm though haha, it's a tad tedious. I've been having some weird problems with my expanded OW table as well which is the main
reason for not doing it sooner.

enjoying the hack so far, but question, when the helicopter crashes after collecting the cubon skulls, when i get out of the helicopter, i go back to the pokemon center and the guy with red hair says to get the skulls
That's just the end of the beta! I'm not the best at finding obvious ways to do so, that won't cause problems in the long run.

I wear this Rocket Banner with pride!
Thanks so much hahaha! Also in reference to your starter comment, I personally don't want to put them in the wild at this stage, as to me it doesn't seem particularly logical, and will be fairly exploitable. How it stands though, it'll probably a limited purchase or theft.

I like this hack, but some maps looks too empty.
Thanks! I think I should probably add some flowers. This would help a lot I believe. I just hate making movement.