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Quote originally posted by Pinkie-Dawn:
Though I do wish it was just outfits and accessories and no change in skin, eye, and hair color, so the protagonists will be considered canon with their default appearance.
This is probably the only thing I don't like about the ability to customise player characters. Ever since GS, I've been WAITING AND LONGING for a past protagonist to appear in the games. There was obviously a huge potential for that to happen in B2W2, but unfortunately it didnt. While there was no reason for it to happen in later generations as such, it was at least nice to be able to speculate. Now that players inevitably determine their appearance, there's no real 'default' to go to, which is a bit disappointing, but how and everrr...

I very much like it. It'll obviously make it easier to get immersed in the game. To be honest, I'll play as a male and I'll use the 'default' (til now) white skin/black hair, but it'll be cool to see what kind of clothes and other little things we'll have the option to add to the player!

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