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To be fair, an alien civilisaton, if they possess the technology to even get here, would have advanced far beyond the carrying capacity of their home planet in a kind of Malthusian catastrophe. Excessive use of energy, such as what would be required for fast enough aircraft for planetary migration to become feasible, without adequate disposal of heat, could make the planet unsuitable for the dominant life forms. They would have drained the planet of all of their resources and live a nomadic life by migrating from planet to planet that possesses carbon-based lifeforms and proteins to literally use as a refuelling station. Think War of the Worlds, except they'll be more likely to send AI-controlled robots first in fear of dying from extraterrestrial microbes making them ill.

The idea of an alien society that belittles humans for their own stupidity and themselves having all of these high ideals that most of us humans look up to as pure and righteous altruism is a shoddy representation of how a civilisation of galactic magnitude would look.

Other than that, cool beans.
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