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Okay, so I've got this team at the moment: obviously adding levels but not necessarily planning to change movesets:

Lv. 53
Earthquake / Dynamicpunch / Waterfall / Return

Lv. 49
Steel Wing / Double-Edge / Quick Attack / Fly

Lv. 49
Weather Ball / Flash / Sunny Day / Hail

Lv. 49
Strength / Amnesia / Heat Wave / Protect

Lv. 50
Surf / Blizzard / Rain Dance / Giga Drain

Lv. 45
(planned) Meteor Mash / Brick Break / Shadow Ball / Earthquake

Thinking of swapping either Castform or Torkoal out for Latios (if Torkoal, Metagross will have to learn Strength). Which one do you think I should switch out? This is the planned moveset:

Luster Purge / Dragon Claw / Thunderbolt (or Thunder) / Recover

I should point out that this is a post-E4 team, so it's not really them I'm aiming to beat but the Battle Frontier.