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In my case, when I played pokemon platinum to beat the elite 4 I level up my pokes in a range of 55-63, because the most powerful pokemon of the elite four have level 62.

So I try to level my best pokemon 1 or 2 until level 62 or 63, other with level 58, and the last until 55 or 57.

Usually i enter in the elite four with 5 pokes for battle and one my HMslave ( after all, he help me all the way XD). And I use my HM salve when some of my other pokes dies, and i need one turn to revive or heal them.

And last, in the most cases, i train in the victory road, because i have near the pokemon center to heal over and over XD.

I heard a lot of people enter with levels more below, but for me, i prefer high level for more security.

By the way, meanwhile i train, i bring with me a pokemon with pick up to obtain some random items between battles.