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Originally Posted by Sar. View Post
Thank you. Those days were a good time to be part of the Pokemon fandom, did your school ever ban the trading cards? I remember they were a massive craze, all most kids wanted to do at break/lunch was trade cards and when they got banned people used to sneak them in all the time.
I dread to imagine how many hours I clocked up on my Gameboy Color over the years but it was fun.

I've just beaten Clay in Driftveil Gym. You completed it?

Anime thread sounds perfect to me, I agree I'm definitely going to like it here and thanks for the warm welcome.
Well now that you mention that, yeah my school actually did. The teachers would get angry at everyone sitting inside playing with the cards on a good day so after a while they were banned but I think everyone still brought them anyway but was just a bit more secretive about trading cards. xD

Yeah I completed the game, it's handy to have a water type for Clay's gym which I didn't. Took me ages to defeat him. :L
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