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Let's take a closer look at your sprites;

The Bat
The bat is in a position where the other eye should be slightly shown as well. We can easily relate this pose to Swoobat because of similar features where Swoobat has two visible eyes. Pignite too.
The outlining on this sprite isn't bad at all, but it could be better. For instance on the left side (our left) of its head, you can see that the outline is very irregular and pointy, and now we'll refer to this I quickly made up:

Notice how on the left, the outline is very jagged and unequal as opposed to the right side where the outline looks very smooth and curvy. This is the general rule for outlines and mainly spheres or curves (like heads/ears) where the number of pixels gradually increase and then decrease when sloping down.

You can see the scale below the two large outlines of 1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 1 where it shows how generally the curves and outline is done. This can be improvised and enlarged like 1 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1. It mainly depends on what size and type of curve you're going for. This applies to the bat's head and lower belly outline.

The Bird
What I said previously can be applied to this sprite as well. The sides and bottom of the bird's head. The other eye should be shown as well. You can look at references of bird Pokemon sprites to get help with the talons and feet.

And to help make this brief, you can also fix this Pokemon's ears and body shape with the general outline rule I said.

The Bug
Sometimes it's better to not have so much anti-aliasing otherwise it will look as if it's pillow shaded. If you don't know what pillow shading is, basically it's a very bad shading style for sprites and some people actually offer it as a choice in their sprite shops which is completely fine considering it's for show. This is pillow shading:

The lightsource is not found on the left sprite while there is a definite lightsource on the right skull sprite. Notice how the colours get darker and darker around the highlights for pillow shading. Pokemon's lightsource is the top left which I believe you know already. The main point is to not apply so much AA on sprites. This actually isn't much AA but the B/W style barely has any at all.

Keep spriting. :D

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