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I don't know how I feel about the region, to be honest!
That map artwork is just.. really, really weird. Different, and weird. I mean from that viewpoint it looks like it's zoomed in a bit compared to the likes of the Unova map, but the towns and cities still seem very small.

Weird map artwork aside, I still can't wait to explore this new region (and no, I don't doubt it's based on France :P). That area towards the north-east of the map, is that snow/ice? That's pretty cool. Otherwise it's hard to tell from the artwork (sorry, it's just too different, I can't look at it properly!). That round obviously-it's-a-city in the middle of the map is Lumiose city, and I guess we can assume most of the 'fancy' camera work in the overworld (much like Castelia City's/Skyarrow Bridge's) will take place, because it's ROUND.

In summary: don't like the map artwork, do like the region a lot and the fact that it's obviously based on a country.

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