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Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
I still am uncomfortable with the belief that animals are just tools to use and not living things like they are. I do not view them that way and am not comfortable with them being viewed that way. I do not want to use them. In my opinion they dont have to serve a purpose for people.
Once we start protecting or not protecting, or killing or not killing animals without consideration of the affects of mankind as the primary reason for either discourse, we are sacrificing resources that could go to helping the lives of people. Yes, sometimes they do not serve a purpose to people, and therefore, depending on the circumstance, we should neither protect or kill them, given that either would waste resources that could be used for humans, so it isn't necessarily true we are using animals in all instance simply our actions need to employ cost/benefit analysis to mankind's above all else, sometimes non-intervention best accomplishes this goal.
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