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After a long while of hesitating.. I decided to try and join this group after all :3.
Here we go:

Username: AzuPazu
Reason for joining: Naruto was my first anime (well besides those on tv like pokémon).
I still have those nostalgic moments when I see some old episode in shippuuden where I start crying like a baby.
Hidden Village you wish to stay in: Konoha (I would like to meet the main characters) or Otogakure (I like music and I like mystery~).
Answer the current topic:
1. Which ninja would you like to see more of in a battle?
Neji Hyuga (my fav character) but

he died ofc.. --"
or Hanabi she's Hinata's more talented sister yet I've barely seen anything of her.
2. Who is your favorite of all the Legendary Sannin and why? Tsunade, I like healing classes (yes I know this is an anime not an mmorpg well fuuu XD).
Not to mention she kicks ass.


Pairing buddy: Classic Sonic

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