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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Name: Iloveeevee
Partner Pokemon: Eevee (of course :p), Meloetta, and Cincinno
Reason for Joining: My favoritest Pokemon is Eevee which is a Normal type and most of the cute Pokemon are Normal types
Answer the current topic: What Normal types would you like to make stronger in terms of stats, abilities and moveset?
I agree that most Normal types are too frail in battle and therefore are not used often There isn't a specific Pokemon I would want to make stronger because mostly all of the Normal types should be stronger (except for Arceus since it's strong already lol).
Favorite Normal Type Move: Explosion. This was really fun to use in my White 2 playthrough since I've not really used it before and I thought it would be a cool move to try out for once lol
Welcome to the Club :D

Actually I think half of the normal type population is somewhat bulky. The other half is exceedingly frail. The sad fact is that most normal types just arn't that effective in battle.

Oh and you said explosion was your favorite normal move. I was always afraid to use it ingame cuz when your pokemon was knocked out it looses friendship. I wasnt sure if explosion or selfdestruct counted for that though Dx