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Originally Posted by abarai View Post
It is still possible to EV train as long as you keep track of the exact amount of EV points have gone into the pokemon. As for IV's using rare candies to pump pokemon up to lvl 50 or 100 then putting the info into a stat calc will show a very or near accurate report of what the pokemons IV stats are. Albeit the process will be alot slower and yield less rewarding results as what we can achieve now but it is still possible.

I also think there will be some method of checking ingame on EV's and or IV's. Not exact figures of course but even gen 3 had a lady that would give you an effort ribbon if the pokemon at the front of the party had maxed EV's. Not a great help but it could allow you to know if a pokemon you bred is no good or has potential, or if you have maxed out EV's correctly and not miscounted.
This is true. But we also have the issue of not knowing the actual Base Stats of a given new Pokemon. And calculating these Base Stats would be a very difficult task because of fluctuating IVs. Without knowing what a Pokemon's base stats are, we can't calculate IVs, and we can't calculate base stats because of IVs. It's a very weird situation.


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