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Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
@Silver Ice yeah, you better go solo for now. After CourageHound & Xilfer, Garet & Dark Aura are done with their joint posts, I will need to move along with the plot, so... best get your post. :D

@Sir Bastian shall I call you mister Bastian from now on?

@CourageHound awesome drawing, mate!

Here's my drawing of Durand:

That's right. A Xatu with a mohawk. *trollface*
Ok, I'm on it

Also, lol, I love the mohawk xD

Edit @Garet: Are you asking for Roscoe's Solarbeam? I would consider intense sunlight to be just a bright day. I don't think it has to be scorching hot, just the sun has be out with few clouds in its path. I'm not sure what the weather is like in Fenju, where everyone is at in the IC currently.

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