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Hey guys, this is my second time writing this post because apparently I can't post URL's until after 15 posts which is understandable. Anyway I apologize if these questions have been asked before but I have searched through multiple guides and done searches in almost every forum but can't find an answer.

Firstly, and most importantly, how does one change the introductory scenes of emerald/sapphire/ruby (the events once you are actually in game, not talking to Birch and naming your character)? I have deleted all events and reworked the maps etc. but no matter what I do when I play my ROM I end up back in the moving van and am greeted by my invisible mom. I'm sure there have to be hidden scripts or something but I can't find them.

Secondly, I was glancing through the ROM Hacking Resources and noticed that many people were posting sprites or tile sets. How do I get those tiles/sprites into advance map. I'm sure there is a different process for both so I am requesting an answer for each.

Finally, if there is a guide that includes either of these I would be more than happy to look through it. Thanks in advance for your help.